December 03, 2023
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IMO Designate Liberian Maritime Official As IMSAS Auditor

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has confirmed the designation of a senior staff of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) Mr. John F. Harvey, Jr. as auditor to provide expertise to the IMO Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) –a mandatory scheme that seeks to ensure that member states of the organization are implementing instruments as well as improve their capabilities, at the same time contributing to the enhancement of global and individual Member State's overall performance in compliance with the requirements of the instruments to which it is a Party. 

In a communication addressed to the Alternative Permanent Representative of Liberia to the IMO, Dr. Harry T. Conway, the Chief of the Department for Member State Audit and Implementation Support, Ms. Tatjana Krilic said Liberia’s request to the IMO Secretary General to include Mr. Harvey in the pool of auditors is confirmed.

The IMO Member State Audit Department head said the decision to confirm Mr. Harvey, Jr. came following a thorough evaluation and that his qualifications meet the criteria as set forth in sub-section 4.3 of the Procedures for the Audit Scheme, consistent with resolution A. 1067 (28) and as such he will be included in the pool of auditors.

“Further to your letter addressed to the Secretary-General, nominating Mr. John F. Harvey, Jr. as an auditor for inclusion in the pool of auditors, I can confirm that Mr. Harvey’s CV has been evaluated and that he meets the criteria for auditors as set out in sub-section 4.3 of the Procedures for the Audit Scheme (resolution A.1067 (28)) and, as such, he will be included in the pool of auditors.

As required of the Secretary-General by sub-section 4.4 of the Procedures for the Scheme, Mr. Harvey will be contacted during the planning of audits for which his expertise may be required,” the IMO Official said.

Sub-section 4.3 of the Procedures for the Audit Scheme states “when a Member State nominates an auditor, who shall have demonstrable auditing skills and techniques, as for example obtained from a management system auditor training course, ISM Code auditor training course or IMO Member State auditor training course, the following personal qualities and qualifications should be taken into account: initiative, judgement, tact, sensitivity and the ability to maintain harmonious working relations when meeting intended or unintended obstacles during the audit, and when working in a multicultural environment; proven skills at managerial and/or senior level; demonstrated motivation and the ability to write clearly and concisely; full command of at least one of the six official IMO languages; in-depth knowledge of the functions of an Administration; good knowledge of the IMO's regulatory framework, including relevant instruments; and computer literacy”.

The Commissioner and CEO of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Lenn Eugene Nagbe said this news comes as an authentication that Liberia’s maritime regime is capable of producing flag state auditors that are up to international standards. More so, Liberia, through this selection, is demonstrating its active participation in assessing the implementation and enforcement of International Maritime instruments under the IMO Instrument Implementation Code (III Code).

According to Commissioner Nagbe, the selection of Mr. Harvey, an experienced Marine Engineer means Liberia is continuing to play leading role in the global governance of maritime industry and participating in the technical and operational aspects of the system.    

The confirmation of Mr. Harvey’s designation by the IMO coincides with preparation by Liberia to undergo the IMSAS Audit scheme to assess the country’s effective implementation of IMO Instruments it signed on to. Liberia has requested to be audited in 2024.

Mr. John F. Harvey, Jr. holds a Master’s degree in Maritime Education and Training from the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden; Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering from the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, the United States; and major in Mathematics from the University of Liberia. He currently serves as Director of Safety Inspection and Audit at the Liberia Maritime Authority.

Before now, Mr. Harvey worked with the American Bureau of Shipping as Class Surveyor and Auditor, Implementation of International Ship (ISM) and Port Facilities Security (ISPS) for seven years. He is a licensed Chief Marine Engineer, certified by the United State Coast Guard as a license officer at Egon Oldendorff; a Germany entity that also flies the Liberian flag. He was recruited as 4th Engineer and rose to the rank of Chief Engineer within ten years.; four years of leadership training and ten (10) years sea-term.

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