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Marine Environmental Protection

This department is clothed with the responsibilities of developing and implementing an integrated system for the protection of the marine environment as well as the National Maritime as well as implement public policies associated with the protection of Liberia marine environment in accordance with national and international regulations; develop policies governing the protection from pollution that could cause environmental damage to the marine environment; coordinate with other relevant government agencies for the establishment of a national system for immediate response to marine pollution incidents, reducing the risks and threats posed for such incidents; contribute to capacity building of personnel of all stakeholders in marine emergency response, damage assessment and identify measures needed to address them; participate in raising public awareness of citizens about the protection of the marine environment and to combat marine pollution; provide marine environmental advice to the Commissioner and the Board of Directors; Commission studies and tests necessary for the protection of the marine environment, and contribute to the field of environmental studies at the national level in the legal scope of the Commission; develop systems and technical procedures for inspection of environmental marine facilities; establish sets of rules and regulations that ensure the existence of effective compensation for damage to persons or property or the environment itself in the exercise of maritime activities, both within private enterprises (coastal and marine) or on the sea; organize and coordinate operations to combat marine pollution in all its forms, and follow up implementation of plans and control techniques adopted in the Commission and develop follow-up actions necessary to implement a national contingency plan for dealing with oil pollution of the marine environment in accordance with international standards.

The Marine Environmental Protection department also handles Integrated Coastal Management Program, Liberia Coastal Zone, programs that safeguard Liberia marine and waterways from invasive species through the development and implementation of an effective ballast Water Management policy.

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