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Safety & Protection

The Department of Maritime Security within the Liberia Maritime Authority is responsible to administer Maritime Security related affairs of the Authority. The Department comprises of the Maritime Intelligence and Investigation Unit (MIIU) and the Security Operatives Unit. The Maritime Security Department serves as the Authority's main strategic resource in combating, investigating and if necessary, prosecuting maritime-related crimes, offences and violations.

The Department carries out oversight through the use of an elite group of Maritime Agents/ Special Agents whose sole purpose is to establish, protect and preserve the national domain awareness initiatives, working alone or in collaboration with the Liberian Coast Guard, and other agencies, as is necessary. Likewise, the Department is also responsible to uphold the regulatory and security tenets of the national maritime domain and water-borne commerce, in keeping with the Liberian Maritime Law, Regulations and Policies.

Furthermore, the Department ensures the proper collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of critical data / information consistent with breaches of the Liberia Maritime Law, Regulations, Policies, and procedures, as well as all International Maritime Conventions, Protocols and Treaties to which the nation is a party. Some additional duties include ensuring the protection / security of senior maritime personnel, visiting VIP's, and high value maritime assets nationwide.

Within the new reform of the department as per the IMO Strategy for Enhancing Maritime Security within West and Central Africa and in keeping with the Code of Conduct and the ECOWAS Integrated Maritime Security Strategy, the Department shall also play a major role and be an intricate part of the development of National Maritime Security Strategies, National Maritime Security Policies and National Maritime Security Implementation Plans and Procedures.

In this process, they will be tasked to generate the implementation of appropriate national maritime security policies to safeguard maritime trade from all forms of unlawful acts; national legislation, industry best practices, documented processes and procedures, which together provide the security necessary for the safe and secure operation of port facilities and ships at all security levels; and national legislation which ensures effective protection of the national maritime domain to include the integration of maritime offshore monitoring, control and surveillance activities.

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