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Safety, Inspection, Survey & Audit

In ensuring compliance with various applicable Liberia Maritime laws and regulations as well as internationally accepted maritime safety, pollution prevention, security and labor instruments, the functions of this Department span port, flag and coastal State obligations.

Under Port State activities, SISA oversees Port State control (PSC) - the inspection of all foreign flagged vessels calling into Liberian seaports. In addition, s part of its port state control obligations aimed at deterring sub-standard shipping in the region, it liaises with and reports to the Secretariat of the Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control for West and Central African Region (Abuja MoU).

There are specific flag State responsibilities and obligations performed by this Department. Similar to what LISCR, which administers the Liberian Registry, does for the inspection and audit of vessels and ship management companies under international program, SISA carries out the survey/inspection and audit of all domestic watercrafts and maritime-related companies registered under the Domestic Watercraft Law. It cooperates with other relevant departments and national stakeholders to investigate marine accidents and mishaps. The Department also supports LISCR with the transshipment program by liaising with the National Fisheries and Aquaculture of Liberia (NaFAA), to monitor Liberian-flagged vessels (including reefer, bunker and supply vessels) registered under the international program and engaged in or that plan to be involved in transshipment activities in certain sea areas or of specific species of fish managed by Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMOs) worldwide.

SISA is also tasked with the authority to ensure national compliance with key coastal State obligations and responsibilities of the provision and management of aids to navigation (AtoNs), maritime safety information (MSI) and hydrographic services – with a view to enhance safety of navigation in Liberia coastal waters.

As part of its responsibilities to implement and enforce relevant national and international maritime laws and conventions, the Department develops policies and plans with the view to promote maritime safety and the protection of the broader marine environment.

Safety & Protection
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